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When you ask most people what they want most in a partner, their response is, "I want to find a perfect match." But what does that mean exactly, and how can it be achieved? With the billions of people on earth, you'd think it would be much simpler to find someone, but year after year people turn to a variety of services and methods to find a perfect match for them.

A perfect match really depends on the individual. Maybe you want someone who's taller than you, perhaps you'd like to find someone who enjoys classic movies and can quote 'Casablanca'. The point is this: 'to each his own'. That means what might be right for you might not be right for someone else, but if you look seriously you can find a perfect match to share your life with every day.

The most common dating tools are personal ads, be it in print or on the Internet. In your quest to find a perfect match you can tell others why you're a match for them; you can list your interests, occupation, eye color, you name it! With online services you can often include a picture of yourself so people can see you in advance. Another dating tool to consider is brick and mortar dating services where you go in and view videotapes of prospective love interests. Another way to find a perfect match is through human networking — family, friends, co-workers, etc. Yes, the blind date has gotten a bad rap over the years but consider this: Who knows you better than the people closest to you? In fact, they might know you better than you know yourself. Many happily married couples often blush when asked how they met and then have to confess it was on a fix-up.

These tales often start with, "After our friend pestered us for months we both finally agreed to get it over with and... and here we are." So when you're looking to find a perfect match, consider all the options that are open to you. Love could be right around the corner if you just open your eyes and your mind to new possibilities.


Sara50 Offline

  • Posted 7 months ago
Wishing for that dreamed guy of mine

akpevwe10 Offline

  • Posted 9 months ago
i need a serious guy that can take care of me

lexia Offline

  • Posted 11 months ago
I have been scared of meeting men who will only love me for the fun of it,I have been a bit skeptical of meeting men this way.but i believe you are not here for fun.I believe you are a man who wants a long term relationship.I am ready to build a relationship that will be permanent and I hope you are also ready...

Vitalis Offline

  • Posted 12 months ago
I need a lady for a serious relationship. I am an honest and humble person. The lady should be between 25_30 yrs

Yash Offline

  • Posted 13 months ago
Am Looking Fr A Woman To Date

Uzochi Offline

  • Posted 15 months ago
I needs a woman who will love me

Pudjorosanto Offline

  • Posted 17 months ago
Looking for serious relationship

Theory Offline

  • Posted 17 months ago
I am finding a girl to friend with me.

ebere112 Offline

  • Posted 1 years ago
all i need is a person who will love me and a relationship that will stand for a very long time not a scammer

fedoza14 Offline

  • Posted 1 years ago
Just need a simple lady that is ready for serious relationship.