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Well, there is such a problem with online dating sites. Unfortunately like every other type of area, there are people in the Internet, whose aim is just cheating others, trying to steal mostly money. So even in online dating sites you can find such people who are called scammers. Their profiles are not real, and of course all the information inside them is false.

They create such profiles only to take advantage of others and get the money from the users. The irony is that most of the times these are men pretending to be a woman looking for love and family.

But there is also good news about scammers. First of all the job of site administrators is to find such people and delete their profiles. So if you find sometime a message that you can not open you should not worry or wander. It was a message from such a scammer whose profile was detected and deleted by the site administrator. But they can not always find everyone, so their recommendation towards the users is to keep in mind that there is such a possibility, but there are some things that can help you recognize one.

For example there is only one picture loaded on the profile and the person finds out different reasons that it is not possible to load another. Or if the person asks you for money in order to buy a plane ticket to come and visit you just after a short period after you met each other in the online dating site. For sure there are other points that can help to recognize a scammer, so feel free to leave a comment under the article.

Most of the times these are people from countries like Singapore or Nigeria, and they also can not speak English very well. Fortunately, Internet love exists and there are a lot of letters from users who can prove that. They are now happily married to the people they have met in such an online dating site.


Carline Offline

  • Posted 2 years ago
I was scammed some years ago and don’t think I will full into victim again, I now know most of their tricks .

helen877 Offline

  • Posted 3 years ago
Hello,How are you dear,
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( sgt.helen 8 8 7 2 at gm ail dot c o m )

Wong11 Offline

  • Posted 4 years ago
in african there is a lot of scam they are very smart of scamming due to united state we call nigeria high risk country so beware

Mammy Offline

  • Posted 5 years ago
True talk

Esebaby Offline

  • Posted 5 years ago
it is really bad how they view Nigerians ,it saddens me so much ,not all Nigerians are bad ,whereas there are bad people everywhere in the world today so are they good ones too ,that is my take on this thank you .

cyrus_parker Offline

  • Posted 5 years ago
Nigerians are always fishy..

ayindeolatunde88 Offline

  • Posted 6 years ago
Anytime they bad mouth Nigeria and generalize us all as bad people, my heart bleed out. All my life I've been struggling to make it big in a right way that's why I choose to be a doctor. Am a good Nigerian man and there are millions of good people in my country. There is this saying " good people are good and bad people are bad irrespective of tribe or religion". Love from Dr Horlatunde Ayinde.

bob55 Offline

  • Posted 6 years ago
I know What's happening in The World Today has given Nigeria a Bad Record.. But there is a Parable That Says You Don't Judge A book By It Cover, You Judge by What's Written inside it..... I'm sure u Know the meaning....?

auduboy Offline

  • Posted 6 years ago
Just so Unfortunate that the bad and crazy
Nigeria boys are leaving the good ones bad names..
God help us all.. All Nigerian are not scammers..

joelmonye Offline

  • Posted 6 years ago
like seriously it breaks my heart to see this happening everywhere...& please we don't have to be sentimental about this issue.... it not all Nigerians that are criminals... please you guys have to change your view of that....