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During the resent years, Russian women started looking for their happiness and having a family abroad. Most of them are really beautiful and young women, full of life and still they are already looking to get married. There is a common idea that they are doing it just to get away from the country, but that is not really true.

After all every person is searching for happiness and if that was true they would have got married the first man who got in touch with them. But for such a serious relationship it takes more then just having the idea for escape. Russian women have their demands for the western men, first of all they want to be loved by a nice man, who can provide his bride a stable and secured home, who will take care of her and their children and who will protect and cherish his wife. And that is everything that a woman wants, no matter what is her nationality.

So the main reason for Russian brides to look for a husband from Western Europe and America is because of the men in Russia, and particularly their type of mentality. Most of the decent Russian men are already living abroad and also prefer to get married for foreign women, because usually they meet someone in the country they are working.

The other men in Russia are almost addicted to drinking which is a nasty habit, but once you get into it, it is really difficult to escape. The other main reason for Russian women to try finding their man abroad is because they are the majority in the country, so despite drinking and other problems, statistically there aren’t just enough men for all women (they are almost double the number of men).

It is also not because Russian women are ill educated. On the contrary, most of them have graduated college and university. It is that Russian women prefer a family then a career. They do not want to build a career at work, but raise their children, taking care of them and the man they love. Russian woman prefers to be a housewife, to arrange her home, to provide love and care for the people she loves. Russian women are even willing to get married to a man, who is even ten or fifteen years older as long as they find the love in his face.