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When it comes to singles travel, the most popular method by far is the cruise. Although there are also bus tours available, it seems the cruise has taken the industry by storm in the past five years.

Many cruise lines cater directly to singles travel, and they bring in millions of dollars a year from people looking to make a match. Yes, the Love Boat really can exist if you ask your travel agent or search online. In addition to singles travel, people can also find cruises geared directly to people's personality or interests. There are many cruises that center on a particular age, hobby or sexual orientation. Cruises are available for senior citizens, sci-fi fans or gays and lesbians. Anyone who's looking into singles travel can find that and much more depending on what their interests are.

Aside from cruises though, travel agents often have packages or even day trips where people travel to a locale and meet each other while taking in some sights. They are often less expensive than the cruising option and can be a shorter duration making them a nice weekend getaway trip without losing time from work.

Since these places depart from the same location where you live, it's often easy for singles to meet people from their area. And in the event that you can't make a love connection on your singles travel adventure, at least you got to see a little bit of the world. Like online dating, however, when it comes to singles travel it's best to remember a few rules such as never go off alone with anyone you just meet — be it a cruise or a bird sanctuary. If you use a little common sense you can have an interesting trip and perhaps pick up a soul mate in the process.


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