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Well it is time to meet your online date in person. This could be considered as the next step in your relationship. If you like each other, if you have something in common and your online dating is going great it is time for the next level. Then let’s say that for sure you should not be late on the first place. The first impression is really important so do not start with being late.

When you have a date with another person, it supposes that you are going to lead a conversation. That means that you should not talk only about yourself during the whole time. It does not sound so good, a person who likes talking only abut himself/herself means a big ego and it is not really pleasant to have such a person around you.

Even if you had some online dates and conversations, it does not mean that you have to share all your past personal life. I do not know a person who likes listening to someone` s previous relationships. It feels like you are being compared to these people. This is valid also for the opposite aspect. You should not be too curious and ask really personal questions about past relationships. Even if the question does not concern exactly that topic, it is not a nice experience to fell like you are under cross-examination.

There are two things about your behavior that you need to be careful – the way you eat and the way you drink. You should not eat and talk with your mouth open because you can find yourself in an embarrassing situation which can ruin your date. And if you are drinking too much, you can get drunk, which can end up like a disaster, because alcohol can make your mind blurred and you can not act and think clearly after that.

And if you want to see your date again, you should not scare her/him when you are trying to discuss some serious topics like marriage and kids. Of course that you want them and they are really important, but this is not a subject to be discussed on your first real date. First you need to wait and get to know better the other person before you come up with such a conversation.


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