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Under each profile in a site for online dating or sites with a similar purpose, there is a header which is not always required to be filled in, but not when it concerns dating sites. Due to this reason a lot of people just write there one or two words like "hello" or leave a few smiles. But that is not enough because the header is there for a reason. This is one of the things that will make a person to click and view your profile.

Everyone needs to show his or her personality and the fastest way to get some kind of opinion for the person whose profile you are looking at is to read the header under the photo. In such a way you can see if you have something in common with the certain person, do you like his/her way of thinking and expressing.

Thanks to the header you give and receive the first impression. So if you want to get the attention, if you want to be interesting and original you can choose to write there some kind of a wise phrase or a sentence said by a famous person which is closely related to your life philosophy. It is also nice to change it from time to time, or add something else in order to keep the interest. You need to avoid boring and common things and phrases like: "Hello. I might be the one you are looking for!" This is not really original and after all you are trying to catch the attention of the other person so you have to show some more creative thoughts.

You can also use your header as a filter. This means to write there what exactly you are looking for in the other person. You can be really specific about his/her age, appearance, place of living and so many other points. If you want to get only qualified answers, according to your requirements, without looking at the profiles and trying to figure out if the person is right for you, the header is the best way to achieve this. The person who meets your criteria will continue reading your profile and if you keep his/her attention, you will receive a mail.


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