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In recent years, as the New Age movement has grown, the term "soul mates" is used to describe finding the one true love of your life. However, the term is actually far more reaching than just a lover alone.

The term actually originated with the ancient Greeks. The myth says that an angry god split everyone into two humans who were then condemned to spending their lives looking for their other half — their soul mate — before they would feel complete.

For those who believe in reincarnation and karma, the term of soul mates takes on a different meaning. Soul mates are people who have spent many previous lifetimes together, and perhaps not always in a positive way.

When many people think of soul mates they often imagine hearts and flowers and happily ever after. That most certainly can be the case but in some instances, it is believed that a soul mate is simply someone who keeps "coming around" lifetime after lifetime, and sometimes they do little else than wreck havoc in someone's life.

Aside from these two beliefs there are also more direct definitions of soul mates. For example, people who seem to make an easy connection with each other in a short period of time are considered to be companion soul mates. When it comes to relationships that are between very close (best) friends who share an extraordinarily strong bond they are considered twin soul mates. Then, of course, there is the most popular held belief of all — twin flame soul mates. This is the one people most often refer to when they talk about finding their soul mate — it's the belief that there is only one true love in the world for them.

No matter what theory you prescribe to nearly everyone has met someone that they've had an immediate reaction to — be it negative or positive. It's usually something that neither person can explain but something that just seems known. If you're someone who believes in the theory of soul mates, it's quite possible that person standing in front of you has been there before, just in a different form decades or centuries ago.


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