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Flirting is one of the most important things in order to get attention from the opposite sex. It does not matter if you do it on a real date or when you have online dating. To tell you the truth the more practice you have the better, but even if you do not feel that you are so good at flirting there are a few advices that you can follow and for sure you will succeed. The advices here concern mostly men because they are supposed to be the active side in the beginning of one relationship.

First of all- be funny. This means to learn to take the easy side of life, to look at things from the bright side, to be more positive then negative and pessimistic. You need to show that you are a person that people like to have around, because he is funny and joyful. Online flirting is the best way to gain some practice, because everyone is feeling better sitting in front of the computer, having time to think about his answers.

Second – show interest in her. In other words – listen to her. You should not talk so much for yourself but asking her questions in a polite way or just listen to her stories. In such a way you will become more attractive to her, because this shows that you can lead one pleasant conversation. And as it is said in a famous phrase: "A woman loves with her ears". That is why making compliments to the woman that you like and showing your interest in her can guarantee to you that she will show back interest in you.

And the best will be if you really think that the compliment that you are making is true for you, because if it is not and things get more serious and you are involved in a relationship, then all those things will start annoying you and will turn into a negative aspect of your relationship. And at last, after all you are looking for something serious and for some kind of future with this person, so you really need to find things that you like about her, and for sure one or two things that you have in common. Yes, opposite characters attract each other, but you need at least one common thing that connects you both


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